What is Quinterra?


Quinterra is a roguelite turn-based strategy game that features tactics style battles on a procedurally generated hexagonal tile grid. Through a unique drafting mechanic the very world changes before you. Dynamically tap into the land’s power to harness Upgrade Crystals in combat. Assemble your army and outfit them for maximum synergy aboard your air ship.



  • Build your army: Choose Elites, Minions, Equipment, and Crystals to bring into battle. Plan accordingly or you may fail your expedition permanently!
  • Developed with player choice in mind: One player's expedition is meant to vary radically versus another's due to player choice and varied rewards. Player decisions play a paramount role in your expedition as you may skip content for speed runs or grind out your experience for a more painless run.
  • Four playable species: Each species features unique starting units, talents, items, and starting domains.
  • Procedurally Generated: Random rewards, procedurally generated maps, and random enemies create a varied and dynamic experience through each expedition and each combat encounter.
  • Multiple storylines: each playable species features a playable storyline to immerse yourself in the world of Quinterra!